XYZero is Rudy's philosophy of the universal constant and life. The XYZero theory examines what happens at point Zero of an XY axis. This is the origin of where most patterns get formed, in nature, fractal geometry, math, - in short, the universe. Rudy uses this concept in the formation of his designs in ceramics and jewellery, by use of an ancient clay inlay technique dating back 5000 years, now more popularly known as Nerikomi.

Through the centuries many artists have intuitively been inspired by this technique, such as in African Art, Sculpture and Textile Design, Egyptian, Roman and Venetian glass beads and also structurally diversely used in music, such as in African music, the Classics, Rock and modern day Drum&Base, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, etc.

The same principle also inspires his art/poetry/painting/drawing/photography/textile designs and his view of life.​