The Universal Constant

XYZero is Rudy's philosophy of the universal constant and life. 
The XYZero theory examines what happens at point Zero of an XY axis. This is the origin of where most patterns get formed, in nature, fractal geometry, math, - in short, the universe. Rudy uses this concept in the formation of his designs in ceramics and jewellery, by use of an ancient clay inlay technique dating back 5000 years, now more popularly known as Nerikomi.

Through the centuries many artists have intuitively been inspired by this technique, such as in African Art, Sculpture and Textile Design, Egyptian, Roman and Venetian glass beads and also structurally diversely used in music, such as in African music, the Classics, Rock and modern day Drum&Base, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, etc.

The same principle also inspires his art/poetry/painting/drawing/photography/textile designs and his view of life.​


So I want to talk about nothing and at the same time everything.

For many years I’ve have obsessed about rhythm and patterns – set arrangements of what is and what’s not, ones and zeros if you will – that makes up everything that surrounds us.

That hiccup in time, in space - that anomaly that tore the space fabric apart and caused the Big Bang - that sound - that vibration - is a pattern signature that resides in all matter - and at the center of it lies Zero.

Without Zero there is no entity to follow, the same way light cannot exist without darkness.

"As a circle of light increases so does the circumference of darkness around it."
-- Albert Einstein

We are creatures of patterns – I believe that is what binds everything in this universe.

The layers of patterns that cloak the earth blinds our souls and eyes to our reality, as patterns are so infused within our very being that it permeates everything we know – and thus becomes unseen, unrecognisable.

Patterns/numbers/frequencies/vibrations require space(s) to form structure. The wonder of Zero is that it is the fabric that binds everything - the "dark, unseen" matter.

Imagine an XY axis in a 3 dimensional space - with both X an Y dimensions having a mirror image of themselves – and where they intersect .0 as a floating mathematical point - not fixed in space, thus rendering time and space (XY) as infinite - with .0 as a “drift” anchor.

In this 3 dimensional model of time and space with an XY axis, dot zero resides right at the center – the departure point of everything, the point of origin. The starting point of the “Big Bang.”

Being at the centre of this model, with no fix in time and space, zero has no beginning or end. Zero is eternal and infinite. A circle.

If infinity has a genesis it would be .0
It would make zero the universal constant.
It sits at the cusp of now.
A mathematical singular entity, or one, always follows on Zero – be it of a positive or negative value.
The space-time value between Zero and one is what gives shape and form to patterns.
This is the “Dark Matter” that binds everything.
It is space dancing with time. It is our sunrise and sunset.
It is the drumbeat between vocal chord and eardrum. It is the silence between words.
It is the pause between movements and expression of thought. It provides us with meaning.
It makes us dance. It is the manifestation of our humanity.

That what was there before space and time, infinity.

I want to talk about nothing but at the same time, everything...

so, with times demise;

look with new eyes
reboot your soul

and in that first instance

the silence
before the very first character
in the command line

the infinite contained
in that zero space

you'll feel

a note
a counter point
a balance
a measure a value
of one space
in relation to
a direction to
nature’s synchronicity
of spatial relationships

a fine cosmic tango
of heartbeat breath

the reach of life/death
trough time's dissolve

rise like a bird
and see

the moons ebb and flow
imprinted in the fabric
of your soul
be alive to
the simple yes/no

of space
with time

look at the face of time

hold the hand
ticking away at
your heartbeat

feel the way it's leading
a wrinkled promise
in every baby’s face

look at the face of time

and be alive

I’ve used my understanding of XYZero as inspiration to create art for many years.

During the 1980’s I emulated how African trading beads were made using Polymer Clay. The ancient marbling techniques I stumbled upon dates as far back as 5000 years and artists of Egyptian/Roman/Japanese cultures used it. The technique is now more popularly known in ceramics as Nerikomi.

If you cut an extruded clay cane with a pattern inside into four pieces and mirror the one with the other sequentially around an XY axis, you end up with a pattern – very much like a kaleidoscope image.

It intrigued me that similar patterns form with light if you look through a kaleidoscope.

I experimented with photographic images, creating mirrored images around point Zero on an XY axis. (see Fynbos and New York series.)

Of late I’ve translated the techniques I’ve used to create polymer clay pieces, into porcelain and stoneware.

The “flow” vases depict a moment in time, a journey. It is inspired by the concept that space and time is malleable and can be folded. The Nerikomi pattern imbedded in the clay alludes to pattern in XYZero space.