Seahorses vs Plastic

Handle-less tea/coffee cups, also known to make some pretty rad flower vases!
Justin Hofman’s photograph of a cute seahorse clutching an ear bud has become the poster child for today’s marine trash crisis. This image serves as an allegory for the current state of our oceans.
Big contributors of plastic pollution are bottles, ear buds, straws, and cups. Helium filled balloons are especially deadly to sea birds and sea turtles as they often end up in the ocean.
This photograph inspired the handle-less porcelain tea cup, depicting a seahorse holding onto the proverbial “thread of life” with its distinctive spiral tail. I sometimes add X-Ray photographs of shells, exposing the universal helix spiral “DNA” shared by all creation - to remind us that we are one universe.
Polluting the ocean will ultimately affect us all.
Do your bit for the environment - buy ceramic cups!